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Never Miss An eBay Sale Again With The #1 Amazon Tracking Solution...
The Scraper Features:
Easy to use spreadsheet that works on all PC Computers
Proprietary scraping technology that is 99% accurate
Track thousands of products with the click of a button
Increase your eBay profits by 157%
Why Are So Many eBay Sellers Using The Scraper?
The answer is simple... The Scraper is simply the ONLY tool on the internet that actually tracks changes in Amazon prices ACCURATELY. This means you can now dropship with confidence and PROFIT!!!

We built this so that with the click of a few buttons you can track your products and never lose a profit again!

The Scraper tracks stock availability, product pricing, shipping timeline and cost on both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

We take all the guess work out of your eBay business by automatically configuring your fees, taxes and currency costs to maximize your profits!

Start listing on eBay with confidence today and let the Scraper work for you so you never miss a profit again!
Try The Scraper 100% Risk Free

We are so confident that you will absolutely love The Scraper that we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee... Simply show us that you used the tool and if it doesn't work for you we will refund you no questions asked... We take all the risk while you enjoy the PROFITS!!!
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What does The Scraper actually do?
At the touch of a button, The Scraper will scan all of your Amazon-sourced products and tell you: product availability, shipping costs and timelines, seller name AND it calculates your target sales price on eBay, taking into account purchase price, taxes, fees, currency conversion and desired profit margin.

I dunno... $97 is pretty costly...
Let's say you hire a virtual assistant to track 100 links once a day. That will cost you at least $120 per month. Buying The Scraper is a 1-off purchase and gives you total control - and it works when YOU do.

Testimonial: Great Support and Training!
"Thanks Chris. The youtube training is extremely helpful too! You have done a great job!" Melody, UK

Testimonial: Great Software!
"I use your software and think it's great, because of that reason I wondered if it was possible to become an afiliate of your product so I can promote it on my blog?" S.G, England

Testimonial: This software is brilliant!
"Well, it's brilliant software and will really make the users a much better income than dropshipping from amazon alone." AW

Testimonial: The Scraper Updates Regularly
"Thanks for the updated version! It is working great and I have not had any of the past issues. It already let me know I had a couple items I needed to act on. As I said before, great things are worth waiting for. Thank you again." Kelly, Indiana, USA

Testimonial: Great Software Quality & Support
"Now I can get Elite and be worried free items going out of stock. This software is the MAIN reason am doing really well dropshipping." MW, USA
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