An Update from The Scraper Team

Chris MacNeil here, the inventor and developer of The Scraper, and we’ve received so much positive feedback from elite dropshippers all around the world that I’m really excited to let you in on a few more dropshipping secrets…
When I first developed The Scraper, I knew that I had a unique product, but the fact that so many of you are telling me that you are making your financial dreams become a reality gives me a major boost and it makes me work even harder to continue to give you the winning edge!
What some of you don’t know is that I offer qualified dropshippers the chance to become Affiliate Marketers for The Scraper. I figure a little passive income never hurt anyone, am I right? I know, you finally found the secret to wealth and success and you don’t know if you want to share it. I don’t blame you, but this opportunity is too good to keep to myself, and I’m certain you will agree.
When you sign on to become an Affiliate Marketer for The Scraper, you are guaranteed 40% on every sale.
$38.80 goes directly into your pocket, straightaway, for every single dropshipper you introduce to The Scraper.
I’m not going to hard sell you on this chance to increase your income. Why would I? You’re smart, you’re rational, and you already know that investing in The Scraper was the best money you ever spent.
So click up at the top of the page where it says “Get Scraper Lite” and it’ll walk you through the sign-up.
You sell, you earn. It’s the least I could do for my dropshipping crew.
Thanks for all of your emails, you guys, and we’re all looking forward to working with you as Affiliate Marketers for The Scraper.
Chris MacNeil

We Regret to Inform You…

That they’re already playing Christmas music in the supermarket downtown!

We know it’s summertime, but they’ve got the ornaments out on shelves, the trees lined up in neat little rows, and the wrapping paper is looking great this year.

It’s time to start thinking about all successful dropshippers’ favorite selling season: Christmas!

We’d ask you if your dropshipping business is going to be up and running for the upcoming Christmas season, but you’d have such a bad panic attack that we could hear your heart beat in space.

So we’ll be nice, and we won’t ask you if you’re all set up to make a killing this Christmas…

What’s good on TV?  How’s the family doing?  When’s the last time you had a vacation?

Try not to think about dropshipping

Think about anything but dropshipping…

Still not thinking about dropshipping…

Let’s talk, instead, for a brief moment about control.  Control is sitting in front of the television and having the remote in your hand.  You want to turn the volume up?  Go ahead.  You want to watch sports or the news?  No problem.

Control is driving down the highway of your life going way too fast, and handling the curves like you were born to drive.

Control is knowing exactly where your dropshipping stock is at all times.

Product Title, Price, Shipping Prices and Times, Number of Products Available in Stock, PayPal and eBay Fees, Taxes, Currency Fees, Profit Margins, and Changes in Price and Availability.

True control, the kind that puts your kids through college, is owning every aspect of your dropshipping business venture from wholesaler to the customer’s doorstep.

True control always delivers profit and success, and it obviously with that in mind that we are delivering The Scraper to you.

$97 One-Time Investment.  Total Control.

At a certain point, losing can become a lifestyle.

Or, you decide to invent the only relevant technology in the entire dropshipping game and let other struggling business owners benefit.  When it comes to profit in this crazy digital ecommerce situation,

You can hope, you can dream, and then you can decide to win.

The Scraper now covers,,,,, and

One-click proprietary spreadsheet software tracks: Product Title, Price, Shipping Prices and Times, Number of Products Available in Stock, PayPal and eBay Fees, Taxes, Currency Fees, Profit Margins, and even Changes in Price and Availability.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…Everywhere You Go!

And The Countdown Begins…


You Might Want to Sit Down for This One!

You Might Want to Sit Down for This One!

You’ve been following The Scraper, you’re thinking of buying it, and you’re almost ready…

Let me ask you this: how much would your life change in an instant if you were able to keep track of ALL of the top dropshipping websites, not just Amazon and eBay?

We are happy to tell you that our favorite piece of software, The Scraper, has recently expanded its capacity to dominate the Internet, and now fully covers: and

Just sit back for a second and allow yourself to imagine your future after you invest in our proprietary scraping technology.  Vacations, presents, mortgage: all paid.  The reality is that you stand to make serious money, and we’re going to make it happen for you.

We’re asking for a one-time investment of $97 on your part.  Not bad, right?  You’ll be able to keep track of Product Title, Price, Shipping Prices and Times, Number of Products Available in Stock, PayPal and eBay Fees, Taxes, Currency Fees, Profit Margins, and even Changes in Price and Availability.

But you already knew that.

You know it’s a single spreadsheet, you know it’s a great investment, and you’re sure that your dropshipping business is going to take off the minute you take control of your future.

You know, you’re pretty smart.  And you’re completely right.

When you decide it’s time to get rich, you’ll get FREE ACCESS to support videos, unlimited FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT, and FREE UPGRADES down the road when we release new versions!

All you need is Windows XP, 7 or 8 AND the full version of MS Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 / Office 365.

Mac Users, we’re working on a version for you.

Contact us to get on our waiting list and we will be in touch when it’s ready.


Well, that’s the big news.  What do you think?  We are so excited about the simplicity factor: two seconds of cut-and-paste and, well, that’s it.  No, seriously.  We’re not kidding.

You cut, you paste, you win.

In this digital rat race, the rules have changed but the game is still the same: get ahead and stay ahead.  Cover all your bases, keep moving forward, and eliminate whatever doesn’t work.

We know the game and we’ve been killing the game for such a long time that we got bored.

So we decided to expand The Scraper to cover three times as many websites.

You’re welcome!





Stocked and Loaded.

Let’s take a long minute and really consider the following questions:  do I know the status of my eBay items at all times?  Are they in stock?  How long is the shipping going to take?  Do items that formerly shipped for free now come at a cost?  How many of any given item do I have available to sell?

If you don’t know the answers to all of these questions at any given moment, the only guarantee that we can make is that you’re losing business.

Stock is essential to any business, but for a dropshipper, stock availability can become crucial.  If an item is out of stock on Amazon, and a customer orders it from eBay, the upsetting result is that the sale must be cancelled.

Cancelled sales damage your seller reputation, making it harder to make more sales.  Going from having 500 items available to sell and an upper limit of $10,000 to a lower starting point with lower sales limits is not only intolerable but 100% avoidable.  We have developed a new technology that allows you to win at dropshipping, no matter the scale of your operation.  Large or small, the key to successful dropshipping is now available for a one-time investment of $97.

We all know that it is just bad business to have to cancel sales, when by using The Scraper you can keep track of an infinite number of products’ availability and have all relevant information about stock at your command.

When it comes down to it, dropshipping on eBay is a numbers game, pure and simple.  The more items you list, the greater chance of sales and therefore profit.  A series of cancelled sales on eBay can damage your seller reputation beyond repair, effectively knocking back your available sales quota, making it harder and harder to obtain frequent sales.

Ensuring that your eBay items are always in stock is the most crucial aspect of any dropshipping venture.  Not knowing what stock is available has been, historically, the main reason that otherwise profitable businesses do not succeed!

Knowing that The Scraper can keep track of an infinite number of items with a simple cut-and-paste protocol is making dropshipping easy for tens of thousands of investors like yourself.  Success can seem so difficult at times, when in reality, if you use the proper tools to stay on top of your expanding inventory it becomes easy and exciting.  The Scraper is a one-click tool that is quickly becoming essential to the dropshipping game.

Dropshipping. Sorted.


You can reach us via email. We welcome all feedback suggestions, comments etc!

Dropshipping. Sorted.

In our new digital economy, there are opportunities to rise to heights of profit never before dreamed of.  Using a computer, it is possible to buy from Amazon and to sell on eBay, making a small fortune in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home.  However, as the dropshipping profits grow, so does the dropshipper’s need to keep track of inventory.  Inventory can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a major, blazing headache.  Shipping details must be sorted, profit margin must be maintained and, overall, there is a constant need to know the relative profitability of the dropshipping venture within the stunningly complex world of ecommerce that we all set out to conquer.

Too often, a product is listed on eBay but when it’s time to fulfill the order from Amazon…out of stock.  Shipping delays are common. Changes in price are a rampant problem that can seem impossible to solve.

The Scraper is a gem of proprietary software that works on Microsoft Windows and on almost every version of Excel, easily solving your every ecommerce problem. Worked as a simple spreadsheet, the program easily keeps track of:  Amazon product title, price, shipping prices and times, number of products available in stock, PayPal and eBay fees, taxes, currency fees, profit margins and even the change in price or availability over time.  This is not just convenience; this is THE powerful tool that will take your dropshipping business into an extremely profitable future.  We say power, you say peace of mind.

Just copy your Amazon URL into one column, copy the eBay title into another column and The Scraper will quickly provide all the information you need to keep your business running at peak efficiency. Gone are the days of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars per month for an offshore administrative assistant to scan your listings; gone are the days of watching items like a hawk and still missing sales or changes in stock.  For a one-time investment of $97, you can now scrape AND!

We have all experienced the hassle and drama of listing products on eBay and then trying to fulfill the order on Amazon.  We know the sighs of frustration when a product is out of stock or when shipping is delayed.  It is so time-consuming to scan the listings yourself, and oh-so expensive to pay someone to manage all your listings.  Dropshipping is a precisely-played game of profit margins, and any missed opportunity to fulfill an order can greatly impact the overall success or failure rate of your dropshipping business.

Nobody wants their eBay reputations to suffer, and we are happy to report that The Scraper makes all of these problems a thing of the past.    You can now increase your profits by at least 157% with our unique and affordable scraping technology.  We are not just the best on the market: we are a lone voice helping dropshippers navigate a world of confusion.

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