Dropshipping. Sorted.


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Dropshipping. Sorted.

In our new digital economy, there are opportunities to rise to heights of profit never before dreamed of.  Using a computer, it is possible to buy from Amazon and to sell on eBay, making a small fortune in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home.  However, as the dropshipping profits grow, so does the dropshipper’s need to keep track of inventory.  Inventory can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a major, blazing headache.  Shipping details must be sorted, profit margin must be maintained and, overall, there is a constant need to know the relative profitability of the dropshipping venture within the stunningly complex world of ecommerce that we all set out to conquer.

Too often, a product is listed on eBay but when it’s time to fulfill the order from Amazon…out of stock.  Shipping delays are common. Changes in price are a rampant problem that can seem impossible to solve.

The Scraper is a gem of proprietary software that works on Microsoft Windows and on almost every version of Excel, easily solving your every ecommerce problem. Worked as a simple spreadsheet, the program easily keeps track of:  Amazon product title, price, shipping prices and times, number of products available in stock, PayPal and eBay fees, taxes, currency fees, profit margins and even the change in price or availability over time.  This is not just convenience; this is THE powerful tool that will take your dropshipping business into an extremely profitable future.  We say power, you say peace of mind.

Just copy your Amazon URL into one column, copy the eBay title into another column and The Scraper will quickly provide all the information you need to keep your business running at peak efficiency. Gone are the days of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars per month for an offshore administrative assistant to scan your listings; gone are the days of watching items like a hawk and still missing sales or changes in stock.  For a one-time investment of $97, you can now scrape Amazon.com AND Amazon.co.uk!

We have all experienced the hassle and drama of listing products on eBay and then trying to fulfill the order on Amazon.  We know the sighs of frustration when a product is out of stock or when shipping is delayed.  It is so time-consuming to scan the listings yourself, and oh-so expensive to pay someone to manage all your listings.  Dropshipping is a precisely-played game of profit margins, and any missed opportunity to fulfill an order can greatly impact the overall success or failure rate of your dropshipping business.

Nobody wants their eBay reputations to suffer, and we are happy to report that The Scraper makes all of these problems a thing of the past.    You can now increase your profits by at least 157% with our unique and affordable scraping technology.  We are not just the best on the market: we are a lone voice helping dropshippers navigate a world of confusion.

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