Stocked and Loaded.

Let’s take a long minute and really consider the following questions:  do I know the status of my eBay items at all times?  Are they in stock?  How long is the shipping going to take?  Do items that formerly shipped for free now come at a cost?  How many of any given item do I have available to sell?

If you don’t know the answers to all of these questions at any given moment, the only guarantee that we can make is that you’re losing business.

Stock is essential to any business, but for a dropshipper, stock availability can become crucial.  If an item is out of stock on Amazon, and a customer orders it from eBay, the upsetting result is that the sale must be cancelled.

Cancelled sales damage your seller reputation, making it harder to make more sales.  Going from having 500 items available to sell and an upper limit of $10,000 to a lower starting point with lower sales limits is not only intolerable but 100% avoidable.  We have developed a new technology that allows you to win at dropshipping, no matter the scale of your operation.  Large or small, the key to successful dropshipping is now available for a one-time investment of $97.

We all know that it is just bad business to have to cancel sales, when by using The Scraper you can keep track of an infinite number of products’ availability and have all relevant information about stock at your command.

When it comes down to it, dropshipping on eBay is a numbers game, pure and simple.  The more items you list, the greater chance of sales and therefore profit.  A series of cancelled sales on eBay can damage your seller reputation beyond repair, effectively knocking back your available sales quota, making it harder and harder to obtain frequent sales.

Ensuring that your eBay items are always in stock is the most crucial aspect of any dropshipping venture.  Not knowing what stock is available has been, historically, the main reason that otherwise profitable businesses do not succeed!

Knowing that The Scraper can keep track of an infinite number of items with a simple cut-and-paste protocol is making dropshipping easy for tens of thousands of investors like yourself.  Success can seem so difficult at times, when in reality, if you use the proper tools to stay on top of your expanding inventory it becomes easy and exciting.  The Scraper is a one-click tool that is quickly becoming essential to the dropshipping game.

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